I believe in myself and are confident that I can make a difference in your business

• To be an integral part of a dynamic institution where my enthusiasm and hard work will lead to success not only for me but also for the company I represent. I need to be part of a progressive team where creative thinking and collaboration solves problems and contributes to the wellbeing of the company. […]

Passionate emerging Industrial Psychologist seeking internship

I am someone who does not shy away from challenges and I am always prepared to take on something new. I am driven, organised and have perseverance. I am a bridge builder for people of different cultures. I can give others comfort that there is a purpose beyond our humdrum lives. I see potential in […]


To remain committed and dedicated in an environment which enhances one’s growth not only domestically but internationally. While ensuring that the organ atonal goals are met and exceeded through hard work and excellence

CV of Firdoz Valli

Psychology Post Graduate Monique Swanepoel

I am a hard working post graduate who is seeking experience in my field of study: Psychology and Sociology.

Young and eager to explore

I am an effective worker at all levels and am committed to providing a level of excellent service exceeding expectations. I am also self-motivated person, very enthusiastic, helpful and also willing to take on the challenge of completing any task on hand. I also have the natural ability to organize with the proven ability to […]


I have experience in the business environment, as I spent years working at Edgars and a teller and I also worked at Jet Store dealing with customers. I believe my personal attributes make me suitable for the position, because: 1.. I am highly motivated person, which I have already demonstrated through volunteering and involvement in […]


Electrical related jobs


Electrical related jobs

Im hard worker

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