Zamasomi Msomi
The difference between me and my success lies in the hands that grant opportunities…


I am seeking for a job but not any kind of job but an Experience with a company whose goal is to shape the minds of its employees. I am driven by the possibilities of what can be achieved in the Civil Engineering Industry and a company that encourages its staff to be innovative and share its thoughts is a company I desire to be a part of..
My overall objectives include experience in various fields of Civil Engineering but i am mostly interested in transportation as this is the field I plan on furthering my studies in.

Preferred Job Location:Durban,Johanneburg,Port Elizabeth,Kimberly,BloemfornteinDesired Salary
Preferred Contract TypePreferred Contract Period
Preferred Business / IndustryHighest Education Level
Total Working ExperienceAvailability to work after
Willing to RelocateSpoken LanguagesIsiZulu,English, Setswane,Isixhosa,Afrikaans

Education Details

Name of School :Ladysmith High School
Highest grade passed : Grade 12
Year : 2009
Tertiary Education
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Working Experience Details

Jan-Dec 2013: I was working under Haw and Inglis Civil Engineering as part of my work experiential learning program.
Duties included:
• Supervising construction operations- Earthworks and Layer-works
• Calculation and Recording of material Hauled
• Working on In-situ Structures
• Office work- Daily Production Graphs
Structures Quantities
Keeping Site journals up to date

Skills / Specialties

Skills Developed
Research work, Working on the computer, Typing, Coping with deadlines, Technical Report writing, Reading drawings on site, Recording and calculating quatities
Motivating others, Listening and asking questions, working in groups (Interpersonal Skills)
Teaching others, Organizing Skills

Awards / Key Achievements

2006 -2008: Eskom Science Expo Participant. In 2008 I received a Gold medal at both Regional and National level.
2008: I was awarded Honours by my former High School for my achievements in Science Expo
2009: I was chosen to participate in the Milset Eskom Science Expo Internationals held in Tunisia.

Professional Qualifications and Training

I have written my final Civil Engineering forth year exams and expect results soon, pending to which if passed I will receive my Diploma in Engineering from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

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