Alex Mukiga
I am hardworking, ambitious and quick learner with ability to work independently and cope well under pressure.


I am motivated and diligent, and I am able to work efficiently on my own and as a team. I am an extremely hard worker and will ensure that my knowledge and skills are used effectively to the benefit of any entity.

Preferred Job Location:South AfricaDesired Salary
Preferred Contract TypePreferred Contract Period
Preferred Business / IndustryHighest Education Level
Total Working ExperienceAvailability to work after
Willing to RelocateSpoken LanguagesEnglish

Education Details

Education background
2014 University of the Western Cape
Masters in Public Administration
2010 University of the Western Cape
Bachelor Of Arts (Honors) in Development Studies
2010 University of the Western cape Bellville South Africa
Attained a Certificate in gender studies
2010 University of the western cape
2004 Muntuyera High School Kitunga Ntungamo Uganda
Higher School Certificates
GCE Advanced Level, 2003 – 2004

GCE Ordinary Level, 1998 -2002(Matric Equivalent)

Working Experience Details

Tutor and Student Assistant - School of Government UWC
Key Responsibilities
• Compiling course materials (course readers) for undergraduate students.
• Offering tutorial classes to first, second and third year students.
• Making sure that upcoming events like seminars, workshops, visiting scholars are highlighted and all relevant parties informed in due time.
• Receiving all calls and responding to emails where necessary.
• Taking stock of the books, journals and students publications that belong to the department in the School of Government Resource Centre.
• Making sure that all the books borrowed and returned from the School of Government resource centre are accurately captured in the system.
Academic writing Consultant -UWC Writing Centre
Key Responsibilities
• Assist students that have challenges with academic writing in different departments.
• Working hand in hand with lecturers in offering academic courses.
• Data base access of important academic sources and research ideas.
• Guiding students in prioritizing their academic work based on the strength they have in different module.
• Give guidance to students concerning on how to develop, good introduction, paragraph, conclusion, and more.
• Empowering students to be their own drivers of their success.
• Facilitator in academic literacy and communication skills.

2013-2015 Factuality of Economic Management University of the Western Cape
Tutor Psychology & Sociology Department
Key Responsibilities
• Introduce students to Psychology and Sociology module.
• Engage the students in a detailed explanation and more discussion on the lecture notes.
• Offering tutorial classes for qualitative and quantitative research.
• Marking student tests and final examinations.
• Attend staff meetings.
• Attend the meeting between the lecturers and tutors.
• Organize course materials.
2012-2014 School Development Unit - University of Cape Town
Key Responsibilities
• Marking and assisting in making recommendations in the schools teaching programs.
• Evaluating schools performance in numeracy and literacy.

2009 – 2010 YIS Project Bellville, South Africa
Project Trainer and Convener
Key Responsibilities
Training learners in key management courses and Computer related such as Microsoft word, excel and power point.
• Facilitating in several modules like, Business communication Business management, skills, Project management, Human resource management, public relations, Social development like AIDS and development, Counseling, Home based nursing.
• Guide students in registration, dispatch of notes and other related information.
• Ensuring feedback from the students and communal members through surveys and questionnaires.
• Selection and guidance to the new /recruited staff members.
• Monitoring progression and giving feed back to the director.

2008-2009 EODT Iraq Mosul
Base Operative Officer
Key Responsibilities
• Making the security specialists ready for budging process.
• Training new and old staff as part of refreshers courses.
• Interpret for security officers who could not manage to transmute the message to the BDOC over the radio calls.
• Prepare shift change roster for the whole base.
• Co-ordinate with shift commanders on the issue of food and refreshments.
• Team member of officers who are in quick reaction forces.
• Prepare the list for officers going for their Vacations after they have spent six months at the base.
2005-2006 Pepsi Cola Company Kampala, Uganda
Branch sales manager-Kabale-Uganda
Key Responsibilities:
• Ensuring enough supply of cold drinks within the branch depots.
• Presiding over district promotions as part of increasing company sales and profits.
• Ensuring that all workers are happy and do their work to its satisfaction.
• Handling cash and safety banking.
• Writing routine reports on recommendation and further planning.
• Providing administrative support to the sales marketing officers including attending to clients’ requests and queries.
• Ordering of office resources, taking stocks, and filing of company documents.
Key Competencies
• Excellent in the use of Microsoft Office package (Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Access).
• Good critical analysis and problem solving skills.
• Time Conscious and Proactive.
• Excellent in working with accounting data and excel spreadsheet.

Skills / Specialties

-computer skills
-leadership skills
-Research skills

Professional Qualifications and Training

-Masters degree
-Coordinator scripture union
-Chairperson Ugsca (UWC uganda students association.

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