Payal Ramparsad
I am a well groomed, humble and open minded individual


Preferred Job Location:JohannesburgDesired Salary
Preferred Contract TypePreferred Contract Period
Preferred Business / IndustryHighest Education Level
Total Working ExperienceAvailability to work after
Willing to RelocateSpoken LanguagesEnglish, basic knowledge in French and arabic

Education Details

I matriculated at sastri college in the year 2014 with a bachelors pass.

Working Experience Details

My working experience has taught me how to flex my personality styles to that of others. I have gained extensive experience in the office environment as well as with customers.

Skills / Specialties

During my time of training and studying, I was taught to work in specific time frames, working under pressure as well as in teams. I have excelled at all those areas and I am well adapted to it now. I am a very flexible individual to different environments as well as to people's personalities.

Professional Qualifications and Training

After I had matriculated, I had persued a career in aviation at Skyy Aviation Academy. I have extensive knowledge and training in the field of aviation in many key areas such as international air cargo, check-in, arrivals and departures, airport operations, ramp services, Amadeus and many more areas.

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