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Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal - We're looking for an experienced and hardworking handyman to head off a Property Maintenance team for a broad range of general repairs and upgrades. This person would be in charge of souring materials for each job at the best rates and doing / overseeing the work on sites. Most work would consist of Plumbing, Painting and General upgrades.

For example: Fitment of burglar bars, tiling, repair / replacement of ceiling boards, cornices, door & window repairs and installation etc. You'd also be required to source a team OR network of workers for larger jobs.We already have Plumbers and Electricians that we use that we'd continue to use for specialist work.

We currently get lots of tasks done / referred through one of our Property Businesses and would like to bring this work in-house.This means there will be some work on hand but the role also requires that you source more work outside of the Property Managements clientele… we'd assist in marketing this service AND there would be a profit share to the person who fills this role and drives this agenda. If interested, please send us a CV along with details regarding your work experience and any qualifications etc.

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