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Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal - The position fits within the PU department.Each work area is made up of two shifts.Each shift has a number of Operators who will report to the Production Supervisor.

The Production Supervisor should be highly competent in all aspects of production in his area.The “hands on” Production Supervisor has direct contact with the Operators and has significant responsibility in ensuring that the activities of the shift are achieved within the Productivity, quality and cost parameters. As the person with direct contact with the Operators, this role has a direct impact on the performance of the business in respect to: ? Productivity ? Quality ? Safety ? Cost Request daily raw material from the RAW store as per customer orders and MPS Visualise production and quality targets and ensure achievement thereof Assigning operators to tasks as required Monitor production targets hourly and record all variances with explanations Monitor time and attendance of staff members & plan absentee cover Ensure that work instructions / operating procedures are followed Reporting of downtime and possible countermeasures to the Production Manager Implement counter measures to ensure good quality (including re-training of Operators) Ensuring that pre-production safety inspections are conducted and safe work practices are followed Ensure that the team has all the necessary equipment, materials and other inputs to carry out the job Ensure efficient tool handling, spare parts and energy use – Cost reduction Investigate root causes for quality issues and implement preventive measures Ensure that bottlenecks are managed through line balancing and proper resource allocation Ensure quick mould changeovers to reduce machine downtime Carry out preventive machine maintenance reducing machine stoppages and breakdowns Reduce quality rejects and defects Ensure pre-quality checks on PU is carried out prior to start of production and records are kept thereof.

STABLE PRODUCTION ? Carry out the pre-shift morning meeting with team the plan for the day ? Identify training needs and ensure that Operators receive on going training ? Inform Operators of daily production targets and ensure that these are met ? Address unhappiness / problems in the team immediately ? Limit finishing line and machine disruption QUALITY ? Carry out pre-start machine checks and PU cup tests to verify correct Poly and ISO ratio ? Record and analyse quality rejects ? Continuously improve processes ? Motivate Operators to focus on “Right First Time” production ? Inform Operators of quality targets and ensure that these are achieved ? Be an example to others by being quality focused ? Maintain good housekeeping and ensure work areas, machines and tools are neat and tidy COST ? Reduce waste and rework ? Reduce the use of consumable items ? Ensure that faulty equipment and machinery is reported or repaired immediately ? Ensure that Operators look after their equipment, workwear and PPE ? Reduce raw material wastage PEOPLE ? Focus on the development of Operators to maximise their performance ? Be an example to your team on timekeeping and attendance ? Ensure that the company code of conduct policy is adhered at all times ? Be concerned with and attend to the well-being of your team ? Ensure that both you and your Operators comply with the PPE rules DECISION MAKING ? Decision making in respect of – Quality issues; Productivity and Operator allocation; Occupational Health and Safety issues; Cost reduction; Production processes / production delays AD HOC DUTIES If required you can be used to perform any other duty as identified by the Production Manager in order to meet short to medium term operational needs. Functions and responsibilities listed in this job description may be changed from time to time, depending upon the operational requirements of the Employer, and within the parameters of the post held by the Employee. Minimum 8 years’ experience in PU manufacture Production and or Operations Management qualification Ability to manage shop floor.

Ability to read and write English Knowledge of Health and Safety requirements in a manufacturing environment Knowledge of ISO 9001 Good communication skills A focus on quality and output performance Proven supervising skills including co-ordination and training of staff Decision making ability Problem solving skills Development and motivation of Operators Encourage Team Work Initiative and self-motivated Energetic and change / improvement focused Flexible and forward thinking Good communication skills including the ability to present and disseminate information in an effective manner Show good leadership by acting respectfully towards others and earning the respect of the team in return Market Related

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