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Rory Mackie & Associates - Bellville, Western Cape - Our client's MD is looking for an Executive Assistant.You'll need to push him as much as he pushes you, which means a taste for both the pressure and the reward of working for real, beneficial change - and being easy and comfortable to remind him (and his team) about what's next, what's outstanding, what's important and what's still to be done.If you've done this kind of work before, you'll know, it takes strong secretarial skills, flawless administrative competence and interpersonal grace under fire.

You'll be dealing with governments, banks, pressure groups, academics, pressurised staff and over-extended executives with competing priorities.As a personal assistant, the Executive Assistant allows the MD flexibility of focus and response and is effective when (s)he: - Actively initiates adaptations and flexibility in the MD's tasks and schedule in any given day; - Is keenly aware of the detail of MD's weekly and monthly plans, meetings and priorities; - Assists him on a daily, even an hourly basis with reminders, scheduling and preparations; and - Is constantly focused on optimising the time he spends with specific people, teams, contexts and locations.The Executive Assistant will take minute meetings, pass on instructions and field queries and requests on the MD's behalf, and remind others of commitments made to the MD, asking for updates on progress and tracking impacts on delivery.

Key Performance Areas: Prioritising and (re-)Scheduling Work and Facilitating the MD's Day and Commitments - Keep abreast of the MD's current scope of work, his tasks, relationships, prioritised risks and issues, and track progress on his - Pro-actively remind the MD and his / her key staff of commitments, meetings, deliverables and the like, to ensure efficient use of time together - The MD's Inbox and Diary should be under continuous review - Any conflicts should be flagged immediately and resolved as far as possible; - Reminders should be personally initiated by the EA - Key internal and external relationships should be prioritised and handled with care; - The EA should suggest efficiencies where possible and forestall unnecessary demand - The MD's day should be documented in advance, with relevant packs, folders and inputs prepared and available.This should cover all his / her commitments and priorities including personal events / contexts - Maintain active folders and info-packs for key work areas and relationships, keeping them readily available for reference, telecons, meetings and review - Include all of the MD's personal events, family commitments, down-time needs and leave arrangements in this prioritising and scheduling support Prioritising and (re-)Scheduling Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Commitments - Maintain an easily available view of the MD's three-monthly commitments showing major meetings, travel plans, Governance events and the like - Coordinate and display a forward view of key event cycles, Board meetings, Audits, Program Reviews, Performance Reviews, home weeks, leave and so on - Own the coordination of the annual cycle, escalating conflicts proactively and forcing the resolution of scheduling conflicts well in advance - Coordinate travel requests and arrangements with the Travel Coordinator and take over on her / his behalf as necessary - Administer and effect conference bookings - HR Cycle - Manage and schedule the MD's annual performance review of direct reports, at least one month in advance of each, with appropriate packs, all review templates distributed for input, ensuring they are returned at least two weeks prior, and then collated and printed, with major issues highlighted at least one week beforehand - Liaise with HR staff in preparing and coordinating Recruitment and Selection when required, ensuring both the MD's availability and that the quality of interview and assessment activities and documentation meets the MD's needs - Follow-up on readiness of HR reporting outputs prior to reviews and Board meetings - Board and Program Governance - Track the MD's Board commitments and the ongoing agenda items for which he is responsible or is driving, with reminders - Maintain a view of Board Member commitments and remind them individually / request updates on decisions and actions requiring progress - Arrange all Board meeting travel, conference logistics, comforts etc.- Facilitate Board Member administration and support and assist with resources, documentation, information, etc.

as required - Booking and quality assurance of Board Dinners, location, menu, etc.Managing Meetings, Training, Workshops, Events, Conferences etc.- Manage and update meetings with which the MD is associated, ensuring location details, GPS co-ordinates, meeting packs, agendas, full notifications to all attendees, prior-day reminders and the like are all in place and communicated - Where not personally responsible, insist on the same quality for all meetings requiring the MD's attendance - Be available to take minutes at any meeting required by the MD - Collate a list of all decisions, commitments, outstanding actions, issues and risks from the MD's meetings with current status / progress; enable a daily priority view of these - Assist the MD in managing the MD's and other people's actions arising out of meetings - Collate meeting packs in preparation for the MD's meetings, and remind him weekly and then the day before of scheduled commitments and the preparation required for them Administration - Maintain a congruent and coherent electronic and hard copy system of administration, up-to-date in all the MDs e-tools - Assist the MD in maintaining an appropriate online profile (LinkedIn, facebook, twitter etc., as required from time to time), sharing regular reviews of style and content - Track and notify the MD of online activity referencing to our client and its leadership - Remind Enablement and Program functions about reporting cycles and events and keep a track of progress in the preparation and quality assurance of our client's integrated reporting on finance, administration, governance and program reviews Key technical skills and experience - Mastery of administrative and office systems - Working with Senior Influencers and VIPs - Disciplines of Structured Communication using all media - Fluent in social media tools and techniques - Fluent in Apple's personal device environment - Library / referencing / cataloguing / scanning documents - Writing, editing, collating, reporting - Minute Taking - Typing - MS Office etc.

You must have: - A Degree with a minimum of 5 years' experience working in a pressurised office environment - Recent experience in directly supporting an Executive role or team - Word-perfect and faultless - Advanced user proficiency in office software and hardware - Skills and experience across all social media, preferably with experience in managing a single message through multiple media - Tenacity, meticulous attention to detail, above-average curiosity - Proven staying power in supporting other people in their work

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